If you get our any of our voicemails, please leave a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours if at all possible.


The Board

President - Marcia Chaves Tyndall

(Educational Standards)

Email: president@browardfsmta.org

Phone: 305-753-8463

1st Vice President -  Nanci Kersch:

(Massage school liason)

Email: 1stvicepresident@browardfsmta.org

Phone: 754-234-3619

2nd Vice President - Lygia Maria Kemeni Edghill

email: 2ndvicepresident@browardfsmta.org,

Phone: 754-224-8449

Treasurer - Deborah Dejean

Email: treasurer@browardfsmta.org

Phone: 305-213-9148

Secretary - Kathryn Holcomb-Kirby

email: secretary@browardfsmta.org

Phone: 954-415-2911

Abrahan Paredes - Past President:

Email: pastpresident@browardfsmta.org

Phone: 954-821-4907

Committee Chair Person

Membership Chair - Nanci Kersch

Email: info@browardfsmta.org

Phone: 754-234-3619

Ethics and By Laws -



Events/Sports Chair - Kathryn Holcomb-Kirby

Email: events.sports@browardfsmta.org

Phone: 954-415-2911

Unlicensed/Illegal Activity -

email: illegalactivities@browardfsmta.org

phone: 1-800-HALT-ULA

Educational Standards - Marcia Chavez

Email: education@browardfsmta.org

Phone: 305-753-8463

Hospitality - Deborah DeJean

Email: info@browardfsmta.org, expressivemassage@yahoo.com

Phone: N/A

Sign in - Alexis Racine:

Email: mldcrt@yahoo.com


Sound system -

Email: info@browardfsmta.org


Internet/Communications Chair - Jeff Overstreet

Email: internet.broward@gmail.com


Social Relations/Media Chair - Marcia Chavez:

Email: education@browardfsmta.org

Phone: 305-753-8463



About Broward FSMTA
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Meet the Board

While the Broward chapter of FSMTA does not
have a physical office, you can email us at the email address to the

If you need to speak to someone in person,
feel free to give one of our board members a call.